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我的梦想 my dream

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I have a dream , but I daren't say my dream is.....
Now I dare say : My dream is that I'll be admited to Qinghua University.when I was a child, I had heard the highest school Qinghua. The words often drives my heart. I keep it away for eleven years . However, I am almost make it come true, because I'm not good at studying subjects, my math ,my English, my Chinese and my mixtrue subjects are not good. So, when I come to classroom I often sit there and became sad. I think I have worked hard for two years in the Siner School. But ,all of things aren't change quickly. Where is my seed and where is my gains, but it may be the time . Now, I have been in the Senior three, and I'll face the case of going to university. Although the case is so terrible , I have nothing to treat it. I often cry with the reason that why I am always in trouble. but as the increcs of age , I know that cry is no use , so I became studying. So, when I came into the Senior Three, I have been felling myself to change mind to it is that studying is an important thing. If you want to be good at it , you must finish the studying quickly and correctly in a sure time, and the most important is that you must know the book well and understand every rule and after that you may do some practice to improve your testing cile .At last you must review them ,because the people's brain is limited , and it will make you forget all of you have studied it .
At last you must keep a good health and have a good felling. Look, this is a true senior three student.
Qinghua, please open your door, I'm running to you now.
I Have a Dream (for speech)Unlike Martin Luther King’s, my dreams are fair and plain, and there are many of them. I have a dream from the first time I sit in a car—I want to drive.
Driving is like running without foot, racing without strength. It’s the most meaningful way to meet human being’s desire of “faster”. When driving, I have to put all my spirit to. Operating a car at ease will cost years of experience.
Driving will take me to my wanting destination, no matter it rains or snows or winds. I never am afraid of shoes wet, umbrella broken or ears frozen. A car is rather like a moving house, which protects me completely and helps me rush directly to the aim hanging ahead. That suits my nature perfectly: love to take risks conservatively. A smooth ride in a good car is an enjoyable satisfaction. Seeing rows of trees moving backward rapidly, a feeling of stepping forward will fill fully in my mind. With music hovering, breeze blowing, my soul flies in the air.
I was always sick when took a ride of a car, especially when I was young. Father told me that a driver would never have carsick. That may be one of the important reasons for me to desire driving.
This summer I am going to learn driving and get my car license. The dream with all my heart will follow the promise it had made.




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