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报纸是否应该被取代 Should Newspapers Be Replaced?

时间:2020-07-23 14:42:01 阅读: 作者:adminhwh

With the development of our society,changes occur everyday. Every morning we get up only to find that science and technology have simultaneously bumped into our room and soon spread to the whole world. Digital camera has replaced camera;MP3 in place of Discman and Walkman; Intelligence administrating society instead of man-administrating community.  Surely the media field has also been influenced. The traditional way of printing news through newspapers has now been confronted with the never-met challenge. We begin to wonder, Should the news paper be replaced?  Some people hold that the newspaper is bound to be media of the past. To start with, time plays the most important role.As is shown, what has been in the newspaper is outdated. That is to say, if we want to approach the latest news, newspaper is simply not a good way. For example, on Sept. 11, the moment the event took place, Internet and TV followed right away.That's just what technology has brought us. To follow is its limitation in reporting news. No newspaper can present all aspects of our life, for each serves a different goal. That means we have to consult different newspapers to meet our different needs.Compared with other ways of media, computer, for instance,through which we can get everything we want to know with only a little tapping of our fingers, is superior.  Quite on the contrary, others hold the opinion that even with the development of science and technology, newspaper, as symbol of the traditional media, won't disappear, for some of its advantages can't be replaced. First of all, it's convenient to carry about wherever you are. Newspapers can be easily packed in your suitcase, and can be bought everywhere.  How to imagine carrying a computer, only for several pieces of news? Second,newspapers offer a free choice for its readers.  Having a news paper, you can select what you do or do not want to read while TV or radio or even computer will probably confine your eyes to those that you regard as rubbish. Last, newspapers offer comments. Generally speaking, newspapers, especially formal ones,include formal remarks on the important events that provide you with a better understanding.  Concerning those two opposed opinions, I support the latter. Though the highly developed science and technology influence almost every corner of the world and quicken the pace of globalization which makes the idea of "sharing the source" come true, newspaper, as the traditional way of media, cannot be abolished, not only because of its irreplaceable advantages but its collectability and its inner charm of witnessing the good old days. The form changes, but the spirit never.




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