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  Before I had time to check what I had written in the exam, the bell rang.

  42.从他在求职面试中的表现判断,他能胜任这个职务。(be qualified)

  Judging from his performance in the job interview, he is qualified for this post.

  43.你是否后悔过前几年浪费这么多时间打游戏机? (regret)

  Have you regretted wasting/ having wasted so much time playing video-games in the past few years?


  Turning off the lights before leaving proves to be an effective measure of saving electricity.


  If everybody shows a bit love to the others, our society will become better.


  He decided to improve his reading comprehension in English by reading China Daily every day.

  47. "饭后百步走,活到九十九"这句话是有科学道理的。(reasonable)

  You will live longer if you take a walk after a meal, which is reasonable in science.


  Life is priceless, so we should save not properties but people when disasters occur.


  The spirit and courage which the Chinese athletes showed in the Olympic Games have greatly inspired the people of the whole country.


  I think the reason why he failed to learn English well is that he lacked perseverance.


  The Greek government did everything possible to ensure that the Olympic Games would go on smoothly.

  52.在行动前我们必须充分考虑可能遇到的一切困难。(take…into consideration)

  We should take every difficulty we might meet into full consideration before we act.


  All the shops are required not to sell any cigarettes to the people under eighteen.


  He claimed to the police that he knew nothing about what (had) happened that night.


  Nowadays a variety of useful information in the computer is available to everybody.


  The idea that a person wants to succeed without making any effort is ridiculous.


  He fought against the bad man without considering his own safety, which required great courage.

  58.我们要号召学生学习他对工作的责任感。(call on)

  We should call on the students to learn from his sense of responsibility in the work.

  59.眼下最重要的是尽快地找出事故的原因。(find out)

  At the moment what is the most important is to find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible.

  60.每位公民享有权利的同时要牢记自己的义务。(keep in mind) While a citizen enjoys his rights, he should keep his duties in mind.

  61.如今上海人去中国西部旅游甚至比去一些东南亚国家旅游还贵。(make a trip)

  Today it is even more expensive for a Shanghainese to make a trip to the west of China than to some of the Southeast Asian countries.


  The economy of China increases by about eight percent every year, which shocks many economists in the world.

  63.使我们深受感动的是他身患重病时关心的还是那项正在进行的实验。(in progress)

  What moved us deeply was that he was still concerned about the experiment in progress when he was seriously ill.

  64.过分溺爱孩子对孩子的成长没有丝毫好处。(do good to)

  Spoiling children too much does no good to their growth.


  We have determination and ability to build our motherland into a powerful country.

  66.听说三十年前上海的孩子穿补过的旧衣服是很平常的。(be dressedin)

  It is said that it was common that the children in Shanghai were dressed in old mended clothes thirty years ago.


  If you had paid attention to protecting your teeth when you were young, you would not often suffer from tooth-ache now.


  The government demanded that the citizens should save every drop of water in their daily life.


  Although the prices of medicine have been reduced several times ,many people still find it difficult to afford it.


  Generally speaking, cheap articles are usually poor in quality, but it is not necessarily true.

  71.使他深感失望的是,当他匆匆赶到机场时,飞机己经起飞了。(take off)

  To his great disappointment, the plane had taken off when he hurried to the airport.

  72.那份标着全上海厕所位置的地图深受出租车司机的欢迎。(be popular)

  The map which is marked with the locations of all the toilets in Shanghai is popular with the taxi drivers.


  It was his interest in physics that made the old scientist engaged in scientific research all his life.

  74.你事先没有通知他会议在哪里举行,是吗? (inform)

  You didn't inform him where the meeting would be held beforehand, did you?


  Let me summarize the points of view that all the people gave on this matter.

  76.整天在办公室工作的人应该积极参加体育运动。(take part in) Those who work in the office all day long should take an active part in sports.

  77.如果你想去美国的大学留学,最好先申请奖学金。(apply for)

  If you want to study in an American university , you'd better apply for a scholarship first.

  78.健康的人如果每年献血一次,不会对健康有任何损害。(do harm to)

  If a healthy person donates blood once a year, it won't do any harm to his health.


  About thirty percent of the university students intend to buy cars after they have worked for three years.


  Recently the university graduates find it more and more difficult to find satisfying jobs.

  81.从某种程度上来说,一个国家的国际地位取决于经济。(depend on)

  To some extent, the international position / status of a country depends on its economy.


  If the balance in a person's body is lost, he tends to get ill.

  83.我相信雷锋精神在任何时期都永远不会过时。(out of date)

  I think the spirit of Lei Feng will never be out of date in any period of time.

  84.上海市民捐献了几百吨的衣物去帮助遭受地震的人们。(by means of)

  The residents in Shanghai helped the people who had suffered from the earthquake by means of donating hundreds of tons of clothes.


  The great achievements which China has made in the past twenty years are mainly owed to President Deng Xiaoping.


  You have bought a wrong dictionary, and it only suits medical university students.

  87.你相信那些所谓的名人拍的医院广告吗? (so-called)

  Do you believe the advertisements which are made by so-called famous people for the hospitals?


  This is the first time in history that China has ranked second in the number of gold medals in the Olympic Games.

  89.老师宣布下星期去春游,这使全班学生欣喜若狂。(wild with joy)

  The teacher announced that the students would go spring-outing the next week, which made the whole class wild with joy.


  How I hope that all the parks in Shanghai will be open free to children and old people.

  91.在伊拉克战争开始的几天,中央电视台对此进行了全天的实况转播。(be televised)

  During the first several days of the Iraq War, it was televised live on CCTV all day long.

  92.在除夕夜,许多中国人守岁到半夜迎接新年的到来。(stay up)

  On New Year's Eve, many Chinese stay up till midnight to welcome the new year.


  Many parents hold different opinions and points of view on whether to cancel mid-term examinations for primary school pupils.


  The travel agency promised to provide high quality services for the tourists at relatively low prices.

  95.与大人们认为的相反,如今许多孩子说他们的童年一点也不快乐。(not…at all)

  Contrary to what the adults think, today many children say (that) their childhood is not happy at all.

  96.你认为是否值得花这么多的时间和精力来安排这样一个活动? (worthwhile)

  Do you think it worthwhile to spend so much time and energy (in) arranging an activity like this?

  97.在科学研究申,只有实验的结果才能证明某一个理论是正确的。(nothing but)

  Nothing but the result of the experiment can prove that a certain theory is correct in the scientific research.

  98.我多么希望不久的将来人们能预报何时何地地震会发生! (wish)

  How I wish people could predict in the near future when and where earthquakes will occur!


  The police warned the citizens never to make friends through the Internet, in case that they are cheated.


  It is a pity that they did not take measures to prevent the accidents until they happened.






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